Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kauai Vacation (3)

It's Zeke's first horseback riding.

I have been going horseback riding many times. It is fun!!

What a beautiful horse!

This ride has the best view!!

Everywhere is a picture.

So relaxing!

I'd love to come back here!

Has it been 2 hours already?

Such a nice ranch by the beach.

Spouting Horn

Poipu Beach

Beautiful mountains

It was so hot that we went to cool off at Salt Pond Beach Park.

Little swimmer Zeke

Duke's restaurant

We were waiting for mommy and daddy to take us to the beach again.

At the Kauai Beach Resort

I love to be carried!!

I think Zeke feels the same way.

Lydgate Beach Park

Ready to go for another swim!

After the swim, we were cold, so mommy put some clothes on us. Here Zeke is wearing a Betty Boop shirt.

We had so much fun on Kauai! Hope we'll go back again soon!!


  1. your mom and dad are so lucky to have the most beautiful chihuahua in the world!!


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