Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Car Seat

Finally! Daddy installed our new car seat, which we got for Christmas, in mommy's Mini Cooper. I am so excited and cannot wait to go for a ride in it!!

Now, let's try it out!

This is great! I can see very well in it!

Hey Zeke, stop sleeping!

What do you think Zeke?

This is exactly what I wanted!

I think we are going to have lots of fun!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Canoeing near Chinamans Hat

After a short stop at the Temple, we arrived at the Kualoa Beach Park near Chinamans Hat. Chinamans Hat is a little island that looks like a traditional Chinese hat. It is a perfect place for swimming and canoeing!

Kualoa Beach

We are getting ready on the beach.

Put our gear on and get ready to go canoeing.

Hey Zeke, do you think we can handle this?

Zeke said "let's enjoy the sun!"

Ok, now I am getting nervous!

Here we go!

Hey this is kind of fun!

Check out the upper deck Zeke!

That's Chinamans Hat behind us.

We are heading to Chinamans Hat!

The water is so clear that you could see the rocks underneath.

We are back already?!

Let's go again!

Valley of the Temples

I have to say that we are so lucky to live in Hawaii! Our new year started with clear sky and beautiful sunshine. It's perfect for going to the beach! It was Saturday, and Daddy said he wanted to try out his new inflatable canoe, so we decided to head north to Kualoa Beach in Kaneohe, where the water is warm and calm.

Before we head down to the beach, we stopped by the Valley of the Temples to pray for blessings in the new year.

It's such a beautiful temple.

They have some of the biggest Koa fish I have ever seen!

They have some cute black swans in the water too. So peaceful!

We are taking a little break here.

Mommy said I can make a wish next to the Budda.

Zeke is getting excited about the new adventure!

It is getting late, so I will continue to share our canoeing experience next time. Have a good night!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

It was a beautiful sunny day on the first Day of 2010, perfect for a fun beach day! Daddy and mommy took us to the beach near our home.

Whenever we go out, Zeke always likes to stay in the bag and be carried.

I don't mind sitting on the beach and have a little sun tan with mommy and daddy.

Mommy's lap is always my favorite.

We took plenty pictures by the beach.

I feel like a supermodel!

We also have our beachwear on for the fun day.

I am wearing a sun dress, and Zeke is wearing a t-shirt that says "Wagging, Sniffing, Barking" on his back. Thanks to Aunty Tena and Karen for the lovely outfits.

We saw some cute Monk Seals enjoying their swim in the ocean! Backstroke style!

This is Nimitz Beach. The whole area used to be owned by the navy.

I was so tired when we got home. Here I was resting in our front yard.