Sunday, January 3, 2010

Canoeing near Chinamans Hat

After a short stop at the Temple, we arrived at the Kualoa Beach Park near Chinamans Hat. Chinamans Hat is a little island that looks like a traditional Chinese hat. It is a perfect place for swimming and canoeing!

Kualoa Beach

We are getting ready on the beach.

Put our gear on and get ready to go canoeing.

Hey Zeke, do you think we can handle this?

Zeke said "let's enjoy the sun!"

Ok, now I am getting nervous!

Here we go!

Hey this is kind of fun!

Check out the upper deck Zeke!

That's Chinamans Hat behind us.

We are heading to Chinamans Hat!

The water is so clear that you could see the rocks underneath.

We are back already?!

Let's go again!

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