Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a really fun Halloween this year! Check out all the pictures and you'll know what I mean!!

This was taken at the Hawaiian Humane Society's Halloween Costume Contest a week before Halloween. Mommy found out about the event the day before and decided to check out the dog park there. She was hoping that we would win the grand prize. It's something that she always wanted to experience.

It's a small park with a lovely waterfalls and a pool. The weather was so muggy that a lot of dogs just jumped into the pool. They were having a good time!

Then, the contest started. There were so many dogs in all kinds of cute costumes.

A friendly creature you can see anywhere in Hawaii: Gecko.

A bumble bee and a skeleton Dog.

A shark!

Two little bunnies.

Me in a medieval princess outfit and Zeke in a knight costume. Mommy and daddy made a castle for us and named it Chihuahua Kingdom. The castle was made of a shipping box. So creative!

Mr. Banana

More bumble bees. The lady in red is a local TV show "The Pet Hui" host. She is so friendly and pretty!

This one cracked me up! Isn't it obvious that they are "Watch Dogs"? Ha

A prisoner.

And here's us again: Princess Mimi and Sir Zeke.

Mommy and daddy actually dressed up too with us, but they are too shy to show the picture. When they announced the winner of the grand prize, we were all so happy!! Yeah, we get to stay in a new pet friendly hotel in Waikiki for a night!!

We went to another pet event at Koko Marina Shopping Center on Halloween to meet friends in Chiuahua Club of Hawaii. It was a much bigger and crowded event. So many people and so many adorable dogs. There were total 80 some dogs entered into the costume contest. Wow!!

This is us ready to show off our Halloween spirit and scare some people in our haunted castle!

Mommy wanted to enter us into the Scariest costume category. Do we look scary??

She dressed as a Gypsy and joked that she was our servant. hehehe

Let the fun begin!

On stage, the host asked me if I had any talent, and I said "eat fast!"

This man was abused by his tiny dog. How sad! hahaha

Peanut and Lovey are our friends from Chihuahua Club.

My friend Noe has the most beautiful costume I ever seen!

Her mommy made it for her!!

These puppies are Zeke's nephew and niece. So cute!!




We also met some new friends in the club too. Cute!!

Our friend Babe is the most famous Chi on the island.

I am so happy to get together with all my friends!

Where are you going Zeke?

Hey, check out our costumes without the castle.

Did you see Zeke's sword? Watch out!

I wonder what they are saying abot us??

Guess what? We won again! I was so surprised!! We won the best owner and dog costume. Our friend Noe won the cutest costume. That's two winners in our club! Yay!!

After the fun Howl-oween, we are heading to Waikiki to check out the Halloween block party!

It was a crazy night in Waikiki. The whole place turned into a huge costume party that went on many blocks!


My daddy was a dark knight and his friend as a ninja.

Mother earth and??


Some costumes made me speechless!

We created some frenzies too. Eveyone was taking our pictures.

We finally couldn't take it anymore after midnight.

This is what our prize was from the first contest. It was a very clean and comfortable hotel. The only thing I couldn't understand is they charged me and Zeke $25 each per night!! Shouldn't we stay free if we won the prize?

Anyways, the feather bed was so comfy that I couldn't argue more.

It only took us a second to fall asleep.