Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mokuleia Beach

Mokuleia Beach is such a beautiful beach that I just have to share with you.

If you are tired of the beaches full of people, this is the choice for you. Although it's a longer drive than some popular beaches, I think it's totally worth visiting if you like to see beautiful white sands with soothing ocean breeze. Sometimes you can see some wildlife too. A few times, we saw sea turtles and Monk seals. Yesterday, we actually saw a school of sting rays close to the shore, and it was so cool! Luckily we were not in the water at the time! I would be so scared if they are swimming right next to me!

Mokuleia Beach is also popular for kite-surfers, including my daddy.

Daddy set up a tent for us to relax and enjoy the beach before he went kite-surfing.

We are happy in the tent.

When I see a dog walking by, I just cannot help but saying hello by barking at him!

Trying to find a perfect spot for doing my business

I found it!

Now I can give mommy a picture perfect pose.

Um...I wonder when is daddy coming back?

How should we pose?

Do you like our sunny smile?

Or in a basket?

Such a beautiful day at the beach!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Da Kine Canine Festival

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! My parents took us to a doggie event, Da Kine Canine Festival in Kailua. It was a fun day!!

We were waiting for our friends to arrive. Cocojor's cooling mat really keeps us cool under the hot Hawaiian sun.

You can tell what her favorite color is.

Our friend Pilot Jack. What a cool party outfit!

Bumble Bee Bella

Our buddies Maka, Kila, and Ami

Sweet Noe

We were invited to model for Cocojor's new collection fashion show. Here we were getting ready and all dressed up. Look at Zeke's mean eyes. He thinks he is tough with his tough outfit!

Here's a video taken before the show with our friends.

Ready for the fashion show

My friends were ready too!

Maka and Noe did a great job walking on the stage.

And then it was our turn. It was a fun fashion show!

After the fashion show, we were getting ready for the costume contest. Can you tell what our outfits were?

Cool football players Maka and Kila

Princess Snow White Noe

While we were getting ready, a Mastiff showed up next to us.

He is huge!

Even though he's huge, I was not scared at all. In fact, I showed him who the boss was! hahaha

We are sexy French maid and hot butler. Did you get it right?

Time to head to the beach!!