Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mokuleia Beach

Mokuleia Beach is such a beautiful beach that I just have to share with you.

If you are tired of the beaches full of people, this is the choice for you. Although it's a longer drive than some popular beaches, I think it's totally worth visiting if you like to see beautiful white sands with soothing ocean breeze. Sometimes you can see some wildlife too. A few times, we saw sea turtles and Monk seals. Yesterday, we actually saw a school of sting rays close to the shore, and it was so cool! Luckily we were not in the water at the time! I would be so scared if they are swimming right next to me!

Mokuleia Beach is also popular for kite-surfers, including my daddy.

Daddy set up a tent for us to relax and enjoy the beach before he went kite-surfing.

We are happy in the tent.

When I see a dog walking by, I just cannot help but saying hello by barking at him!

Trying to find a perfect spot for doing my business

I found it!

Now I can give mommy a picture perfect pose.

Um...I wonder when is daddy coming back?

How should we pose?

Do you like our sunny smile?

Or in a basket?

Such a beautiful day at the beach!!

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  1. Mimi sweetheart! you're looking hot babe! bring me in Hawaii with you! I am flying in NYC next week! :)


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