Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mardi Gras Doggy Party

Mimi and Zeke dressed up for Mardi Gras party

Mommy and Daddy took us to the doggie nighclub at Aloha Tower on Saturday. As you can see, the theme is Mardi Gras, so we all dressed up for the party.

Mimi as a Mardi Gras Queen
I was a Mardi Gras Queen.

Mardi Gras party boy - Zeke
Zeke is ready to party!

Mimi and Zeke
We are Mardi Gras king and queen.

This is our dear friend Noe.

Noe's mom mad her this amazing costume.

My boyfriend Winsten is there too.

Mimi, Zeke & Noe
We took this picture before heading to the party.

Zeke looking at a big dog
That dog is huge!!

Fashion Show
The fashion show was fun. So many adorable doggie models with the cutest outfits.

This is our friend, Bebe.

Chihuahua friends
Babe's mother and sister.

Zeke in the stroller
Zeke in the stroller.

Mimi and Zeke

There were so many cute dogs and friendly people at the doggie nightclub. We also entered some casting calls of model search for local pet businesses. By the time they started the Mardi Gras Costume Contest, it was 10:30! What a fun night!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun Weekend

Kailua Beach
We went to Kailua Beach Last Saturday because daddy wanted to go kitesurfing there. The beach was full of people!

Beach Fun
Where is Zeke?

Beach Fun
There he is. He didn't want to come out of the carrier!

Beach Fun
I like to walk around and check out the smell of the beach.

Little hikers
The next day, we went hiking at St. Luis Heights.

Little hikers
We might be small, but we are good hikers.

break time
Finally, it's time to take a break!

break time
We got yummy treats!

break time
Hiking makes us hungry.

break time


That's me! I was tired!

Mommy and daddy said we did a good job hiking up the mountain.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shopping Fun

This is how we go shopping with mommy and daddy.