Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii Pet Magazine

It has been a while since my last update on the blog. To make long story short; my parents had gone on a vacation to Japan and Taiwan for two and a half weeks and left us at Aunty Claire's. I was so happy when they finally came home because there's no place like our home sweet home!

Mommy and daddy bought us some presents, but since mommy got sick on her first few days home, we didn't get a chance to see what we would get until today. I will share what our presents are next time.

While mommy and daddy were away, we heard a good news that one of the Hawaii's well known pet magazine has picked us as their cover models for their Spring issue. It was a nice surprise! If you are interested in reading the magazine, here is the link: Hawaii Pet Magazine

This is the cover from Hawaii Pet Network

The picture was taken when we went hiking at Hawaii Kai, Mariner's Ridge the day before Christmas. It was such a beautiful day, and mommy took plenty pictures of us up there.

I hope you all enjoy reading the Hawaii Pet Magazine!

We are the cover models!

We are the cover models!