Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kauai Vacation (2)

Hindu Temple

It's a beautiful Temple.

There's a huge blue crystal inside the temple.

Wailua river

Wailua Falls

It was so hot that daddy bought us ice cream to cool off.


We couldn't stop licking!!

A nice day watching the ocean waves

Kalapaki Beach

There are so many beach parks on Kauai, but we saw this sign in almost every park. Not a very pet friendly island, so sad!

We are trying out our pouches.

Zeke is so happy to go out and play!

It's time to go kayaking!

We are kayaking on Wailua River.

It's break time!

Kayaking is fun, but it makes me nervous.

There's a hiking trail heading to the secret falls.
Not this one, but almost there.

Here we are. Mommy and Zeke in front of the Secret Falls.

Secret Falls
The couple in the water were on their honeymoon. So romantic!

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