Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 8th Birthday Party

August 10 was my 8th Birthday. If you look at my profile, you could see that I have changed my age from 7 to 8 years old. Oh my! Can you tell I am 8 already?! Some people say I still look like a puppy, but I am a "full" grown lady! Now let's celebrate it and don't call me puppy again!

Look at my lovely birthday cake! Thank you Bark Avenue!
(The cake was a prize-a gift certificate from last year's Halloween Costume Contest.)

I just couldn't stop smiling! Look at all the yummy food and treats!

Thank you my dear friends; Hoku, Foxy, Zeke, Noe, and Winsten, for making me feel so special!

Boys will be boys. Winsten and Zeke were fighting over me, and the best way to make them calm down is going for a swim!

Winsten swimming to mama

My girlfriend Noe is a good swimmer too.

Since it was so hot, I invited all my friends to the pool to cool off.

Pool party is fun!

It looks like Winsten found a new girl. Should I be jealous? Maybe Hoku will like me too?!

I am so happy that everyone is having a good time!

And then it's time for presents!

I just love my presents!

I am so lucky!

Did I hear mommy said that I can have more parties? I can't wait!

Lover boy Winsten is giving Aunty Tena some Hollywood kisses. So cute!

Thank you Aunty Tena for making me this prettiest bag ever!

I would not want to get out of the bag!

After the swim, Noe is ready for a nap.

Thank you again Aunty Tena and my lover boy Winsten!

Thank you Aunty Karen, Kila, Ami, Noe, and Maka!

Trying out my new dress. How do I look?

Everyone wonders what is in the VS's bag. Heehee, it's yummy treats and doggie shampoo from Pet Power Hawaii. Thank you Aunty Ronnica, Hoku, and Foxy!

It's a perfect birthday party!! Like Aunty Tena said, it's the best day of my life!


  1. Happy Birthday Mimi! I hope you had a wonderful day, and year to come. :)

    That cake looks grreat! Yummy, did you get a big slice?

  2. Happy Happy Belated Barkday Mimi! My goodness! You had an absolute wonderful barkday with all the prezzies and especially the cutie lil red dress. Oh that is soooo YOU! The pink hat is too cute! I don't exactly enjoy wearing clothes. They annoy me to all end, but I do it for my mom. She says its because where ever I lived before her (which I have totally blanked out of my mind), I was just a plain outside dog with no frills. I found you at Miley's! Congrats on your award as well! I look forward to us becoming pals!!! Have a beautiful day, of course, my mom is drooling because she loves Hawaii and wishes that she could go back more often.

    Hugs &smoochies! XOXO

  3. Happy Barkday Mimi! Looks like you had a grreat day! Pool party too with all your Chihuahua furends. Lucky you... although, those prezzies were bigger than you! ;P

    You have been awarded on my blog, at I hope you love it!

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx


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