Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waterfront & Ala Moana Park

It was a beautiful Saturday so we went to some parks in town.

Waterfront Park has a really nice walk path.

Daddy was trying to get Zeke to sit down.


Later we walked to Ala Moana Park.

Zeke wouldn't come out of the bag.

It is my favorite park

We were happy to be in the carrier.

I was feeling sleepy, but I gave mommy a smile for a good shot.
What a relaxing day at the park!


  1. I was planing to go to Hawaii this May, but after we finished moving this monday, I am so tired, I guess at this time my family can't really handle a long fly at this time, I really don't know when will I ever go to Hawaii.......
    every time when I visit your blog, I feel a bit of Hawaii. Thanks for keep sharing a piece of paradise with us.

  2. we got a poodle yesterday
    Isabelle is sooooooo excited


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