Monday, November 10, 2008

Zeke's Birthday Party

My little brother Zeke turned 3 years old on Nov. 4.
We had a small birthday party at Aunty Karen's back yard.

Happy Birthday Zeke
Yummy cake

Birthday Boy - Zeke

He is really photogenic!

Winsten and Zeke
We had a little swim in this cute kiddie pool.

Winsten looks so handsom in this picture.

Zekie boy was little bit scared in the beginning.

Karen, Tena and their babies
Aunty Karen and Tena are my favorite people!

Noe and Ami
Noe and Ami relaxed in the pool

Mimi and Zeke
Me and my brother Zeke

Me again. Mommy just cannot stop taking my pictures.

Who's there?
Who is sleeping in the hammock?
Is that you Daddy?

Karen and Noe, Kila, and Ami
Aunty Karen and her babies, Noe, Kila, and Ami

Winsten and Tena
My Aunty Tena and my boyfriend Winsten.


Ami and Mimi
Ami and me

Getting ready
Getting ready for a group picture

Friends all together
Can everyone sit still for the picture please?

I am so happy to be with my little brother and friends!

Let's be BFF!

Everybody lined up
Mommy said it's almost done!

Doggie Friends
Where is Winsten?

Doggie Friends
I guess we will have the picture without him.

Doggie Friends
I miss Winsten~

Chi with Friends
We made it! Mommy said it was a tough job to get all of us lined up!

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